managing risk across a range of sectors

Office-based and field-based services are provided across a range of sectors where teams are required to perform in difficult, remote, complex and hostile environments. Austere has experience assisting safe and effective teams in a range of industries, countries, cultures and environments.

ExpeditionsProactive, prepared and robust expedition medics to keep your clients safe and in the field wherever possible
ExplorationPrepared, self-sufficient medical and safety support for remote scientific and resource exploration teams
Humanitarian & NGOOperational safety and medical support for your humanitarian or disaster response teams in difficult environments
Wilderness EducationServices to support instructors and improve student welfare in outdoor education programmes
Press & MediaEmbedded medical support for mobile media teams in remote and complex regions of the world
Wilderness SportsSupporting wilderness sporting event organizers and improving the safety and welfare of participants
Remote TV & FilmSafety and medical support for remote TV and documentary crews to improve welfare and keep production on-track
Endurance EventsReducing risk for participants and supporting organizers of wilderness endurance events through proactive measures
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