Team Field Apps

Custom risk management apps to transform the way you manage your team in the field

  • Offline docs library

  • Team portals

  • GPS-enabled forms

  • Offline maps

  • Geo-data collection

  • Risk management tools

Teams that function and communicate well are safe and effective teams. AustereRMS ties together all the components of a risk management system with a fast, lightweight, customised offline portal and app which can be distributed to your team members to improve safety before, during and after remote wilderness activities. The AustereRMS Portal is accessible via desktop, tablet or mobile phone, and is distributed directly to team members using a customised link (without the need or cost of app stores).

AustereRMS custom team apps work seamlessly across all devices
AustereRMS custom team apps work seamlessly across all devices

The AustereRMS Portal brings your traditional paper forms, maps, risk matrices, incident reports, emergency plans and other essential documents into the hands of its intended users with a fast, clean and easy-to-access offline interface. Alternatively AustereRMS can be designed and built for teams/organisations with no risk management system in place.

AustereRMS features:

  • Delivered to your team members with a single URL
  • Customised for your activity/organisation
  • Full offline use (data syncs when back online)
  • Team maps with field data, and offline, online, satellite, weather and activity layers
  • Digital forms with high-accuracy (±3m) GPS locations and photos
  • Private (login required) and/or public (no login required) sections
  • Three levels of access (e.g. user, supervisor and manager)
  • Field GPS data point collection (synced to team map)
  • Checklists and inspection forms
  • Form submissions emailed to user and other selected people
  • Contacts directory
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Task/mission briefings
  • Email notifications and reminders

Austere Team Field Apps vs SAAS Cloud Hosted Subscriptions

Austere Team Field Apps different to the normal $/user/month hosted options (sometimes referred to SAAS - Software as a Service) for a number of important reasons. The following table outlines the differences between the two options to help decision making on if a Austere Team Field App is the best option for your team:

Category Austere Team Field Apps $/user/month SAAS
Ownership The team/client owns the app and data. Client can move app to a new hosting provider anytime. Subscription-based model. Locked in to a 3rd party provider
Customisation On-request. Applications can be tailored to the team's requirements Usually not available. Features are limited to the platform. Features may often be suggested and developed in time with enough popularity
Devices All devices (cross-platform) as single app or website. Usually cross-platform. Two or more apps to maintain
Distribution Delivered directly to your team by a single URL. Via app stores. Users required accounts and credit cards, even for free apps
Initial cost $2500 - $10000 depending on features. No limit on users. Nil
Ongoing costs Nil for small-medium team $7-$35/user/month


Document App Demo

Survive First-Aid Student Resource

This app is essentially an offline book that can be read easily on any device and install like an app. This form of app is great for managers who required their staff to have an operations manual in the field, without the usual headache of telling team members to 'find the latest PDF' in amongst their emails in the field.


  • fast, light and offline
  • distributed by a single link, once only
  • Ebook features including night mode font-size change
  • each heading has a unique URL to make it easy to reference a section of a document
  • latest version always in the hands of it's users
  • PDF export if printing is required

The AustereRMS Portal is available as a single outright purchase or with a subscription-based pricing model. Get in touch for a no-obligation chat about the best system to suit your team or activity.

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