Decades of complex medical, fire, rescue, and military experience

Austere Risk Management is an experienced team of medical, rescue and safety professionals with a passion for wilderness environments. Our backgrounds are in ambulance, military, fire, rescue, mental health, security and (of course!) the outdoors. We are committed to putting together wilderness risk management systems that keep people safe, without the bloat and complexity of excess paperwork, allowing managers to spend more time in the field.

Brad StewartParamedic | Risk Consultant

Brad is a registered paramedic, rescue technician and risk consultant with a background in military special operations, humanitarian and disaster response, rescue and healthcare in remote and hostile environments. Brad develops and delivers real risk management solutions based on years of experience working with safe and effective teams in complex environments.

Nathan BurnsParamedic | Risk Consultant

Nathan is a registered paramedic, wilderness first-aid trainer and risk consultant with a background in ambulance, outdoor leadership, humanitarian and disaster response, outdoor education and healthcare in the wilderness. Nathan combines years of experience leading outdoor activities with his extensive paramedic skill-set to provide practical field-tested risk management solutions.

Dr Kate BaecherClinical Psychologist

Kate is a registered clinical psychologist with a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, Master of Philosophy and Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). Kate has a military and adventure background, and specializes in high-performance coaching, research and consulting on mental health risk in wilderness activities. Kate also provides mental health trauma care to victims of disaster and conflict.

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